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North Stradbroke Island has more wetlands dating back to last ice age than anywhere in Australia, researchers say

Researchers Cameron Barr and Jonathan Marshall gather sediment core samples at Fern Gully Lagoon North Stradbroke Island. It is a much-loved holiday destination littered with pristine beaches and home to an abundance of marine life and now North Stradbroke Island is proving even more valuable by offering a window into climate change. The researchers gathered information about the wetlands on the island at a time when water across Australia was scarce. The study, led by the University of Adelaide and in collaboration with scientists from the Queensland Government, involved taking sediment cores from lakes and swamps across 16 wetlands on the island. Photo: Researchers Lydia McKenzie, Jonathan Marshall and Cameron Barr take samples in Duck Lagoon. (Supplied: Dr John Tibby, University of Adelaide) Lead researcher Dr John Tibby, from the University of Adelaide, said he had found some sediment cores that dated back to 200,000 years and the island has more wetlands dating back to the last ice age than anywhere else in Australia. "What we found is that on Stradbroke Island we have the largest concentration of wetlands that have existed since the Last Glacial Maximum — the driest and coldest part of the last 100,000 years of Earth's history, about 20,000 years ago," he said. The research also suggested North Stradbroke Island might have provided a refuge during extreme weather. "There's always been this sort of mystery about where animals and plants might of gone during the last ice age because we know that there's very little evidence for much of the Australian continent being wet, so Straddie at least becomes a candidate for where plants and animals might of retreated to," he said. "We're using the chemicals in leaves to determine past rainfall, and fossil algae to tell us how the water in the wetlands has changed." Photo: Researchers get sediment core samples at Fern Gully.

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